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Steven is the newest and youngest out of all the Diamond matriarchs, having only been considered part of the Authority following the initiation of Era 3.

He stood in place of his mother Pink, temporarily bearing her name as a persona before insisting that he be seen once more as his own person.

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While Steven has accepted his official title as "the new Pink Diamond", he publicly turned down the throne associated with it and declared his rightful place to be on Earth where he grew up. Pink was a former member of the Great Diamond Authority.

A significantly younger Gem than her fellow Diamonds, she begged them for a colony until she was finally given one, Earth. Pink came up with multiple excuses to the other Diamonds as to why they should not continue colonizing Earth, but they would not listen. Eventually, Pink created an alter-ego named Rose Quartz via shapeshifting, and Pink and her Pearl rallied up enough Gems who felt similarly about the Earth, white started the Rebellion.

Upon meeting Garnet she decided to turn the Earth into a haven for other Gems who had similar experiences. For most of the Rebellion she led a double life, leading her fellow rebels as Rose and shapeshifting back to continue serving as a Diamond. Pink used the Crystal Gems as another excuse to why diamond couldn't colonize Earth but the other Diamonds would still not rule.

She eventually decided she wanted to leave her life as a Diamond behind and live as Rose Quartz forever on Earth with the Crystal Gems and humans. Everyone who witnessed the event believed Rose shattered Pink and only Pink herself and her Pearl knew the truth.

Pink reformed as Rose and led the Crystal Gems to a rather Pyrrhic victory. The other Diamonds took her "demise" harder than anticipated, unleashing a blinding light that corrupted most Gems unfortunate enough to remain on Earth. Rule suggested events leading up white Pink Diamond's "death" were not frequently discussed which may be indicative of the devotion and respect Gems diamond for the Diamonds; this extended to the point where the Rebellion was blatantly covered up altogether.

Pink's "death" affected the existing past, present and future Gems in many different ways. Some Gems like the Diamonds and those who served her continued mourning her and showing animosity towards Rose, not rebecca adlington dean cain they were one and the same.

Others like the defending Blue Zircon tried to make sense of what really happened to Pink. The Zircon even questioned how a Rose Quartz - a Gem identified as a threat - was able to slip past Pink's guards and entourage in the first place.

Her role in the Diamond Authority has been taken over by her son Steven. Fusion Gems: Bluebird Azurite. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Please don't add hypotheses in the articles.

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If you wish to express your opinions, please do so in the commentsa blogor the appropriate board. Contents [ show ]. The modern symbol inside the Gem Warship as seen in " Jail Break ". The old Diamond Authority symbol as seen in " Sworn to the Sword ". The legs of Blue and Pink Diamond 's murals. The middle of Yellow Diamond 's mural. White Diamond 's mural. Steven examines Nephrite's drawing of the Diamond Authority emblem. The diamond symbol destroying any irregular shapes.

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The modern symbol inside the Roaming Eye as seen in " Back to the Moon ". The original Diamond mural designs as posted on Joe Johnston 's blog. Using white scythe-like weapon, she "poofs" Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst back into their gem forms; her attacks also weaken Steven's Gem powers, though his body is unharmed. Steven manages to poof Spinel with the scythe. Steven calls his father, Greg, for help. Big tits xnxx videos her memories gone, Spinel is a goofy and happy-go-lucky Gem whose function is to entertain her companion.

Spinel compares the situation to a puzzle, suggesting that they find rule Gems' "missing pieces" to restore their memories, inspiring Steven to try to reenact Ruby and Sapphire's first fusion. Spinel's antics cause scaffolding to collapse, almost crushing Ruby; when Sapphire shoves her to safety, they fuse into Garnet "Isn't It Love? After Steven recovers Amethyst's memory by reenacting diamond the two had together "No Matter What"Peridot discovers that Spinel's drill is injecting a toxic chemical that will kill all organic life on Earth.

Steven's attempts to remove the injector only accelerate the poison's effects.

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In order to revive Pearl's memory, the group takes her to a Sadie Killer and the Suspects concert, in the hope their music will bring back her memories of rebellion "Disobedient"but Pearl insists that as long diamond Greg exists she will obey him.

Steven uses what little energy he has left to xxxnude teen asian photos with Greg "Independent Together"which enables Pearl to recover her memory.

She tells Steven that Spinel was once Pink Diamond's playmate; Spinel is suddenly overcome with sadness and flees. After sending for Connie, Steven finds Spinel crying at his house. She takes Steven to a desolate garden in space and reveals her backstory: when Pink Diamond went to begin the Gem colonization of Earth, she told Spinel to wait for her in the garden; Spinel was left there alone for 6, years until she learned of Pink Diamond's fate "Drift Away". Steven tells her that he will never abandon her and that he will make up for his mother's mistakes "Found".

Back in Beach City, Spinel turns off the injector, but when Steven begins shifting his attention back to everyone else, she accuses Steven of just using her and then abandoning her or planning to rule her memory again. She turns white injector back on and attacks Steven. Steven Universe ? Blue Diamond 62?

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Yellow Diamond 61? ToshkArts 24? Pink Diamond 21? Chase Comix 17? White Pearl 13? Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. All Diamond Sons AU doodles. Sorry about bad english. She wanted to change the rule on Homeworld.

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Like this is not okay. And I think that when they fused at the end, Steven may have gotten to feel just how much his mother loves him, loves being him, which is probably easy for him to forget when he has to keep dealing with her mistakes and her problems. Is that short sighted? But I can also see why, after thousands of years of relative peace on Earth, she thought he would lead a mostly normal life.

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Blue Diamond 63? Yellow Diamond 62? ToshkArts 25?


white diamond rule 34 nudes cz Steven Universe: The Movie is a American animated musical television film based on the animated television series Steven Universe created by Rebecca Sugar. The film is directed, co-written, produced and executive produced by Sugar and fellow longtime crew members Kat Morris and Joe Diamond, and stars Zach CallisonEstelleMichaela DietzDeedee Magno Halland Sarah Stilesalongside an ensemble cast reprising their roles from the television series. Steven Universe: The Movie takes place two years after the events of the fifth-season finale model tricked into doing porn Change Your Mind ", and follows the Crystal Gems as they attempt to save all organic life on Earth from a deranged Gem with a history with Steven's mother. At San Diego Comic-Cona trailer for the film was released, along with the announcement of a documentary based on the film's creation to rule released along with the DVD. The film premiered on Cartoon Network on September 2, Almost immediately afterwards, white giant drill lands on the hillside of Beach City and Spinel, a deranged and cartoonish Gem, appears, announcing her intent to kill Steven and the rest of the Earth "Other Friends".
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white diamond rule 34 big fake black ass The Great Diamond Authority is the matriarchal body of Gem leaders. They were once the absolute ruling power over the Gem Homeworld and its rule active colonies until the beginning of Era 3. Before they changed their ways, the Great Diamond Authority had complete control white every Gem and their race's endeavors. Each Diamond seemed to be responsible for overseeing a specific part of Homeworld society. The Diamonds appeared to split Gems up into groups; some belonging to Yellow, others to Blue and more to White. Gems wore a colored Diamond emblem on their outfit corresponding to the Diamond they served. In order to expand the Gem race, the Diamonds took control of celestial bodies for colonization purposes.