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It girl won't ever be. It's a huge meme among old people. Don't get me wrong- I am among them. But the war is over. I ride the train with a few hundred high school and college students in the morning, and most of them are in ugly form of legging. These kids have never known a leggings as anything questionable or controversial. They are just clothes to them, and likely will remain that way. You can't understand why someone wears pants that are comfortable and convenient and really wishes people won't stare at her for nensi so?

Maybe she is being optimistic and not beaten down enough to say forget it, I will forgo these comfortable pants because of others. I haven't surrendered the hat indoor fight yet, I'm just getting started on leggings as pants. If the Korean War hasn't officially ended yet, we have time.

I think it is more the 'I'm going to wear something that shows off my body then get upset when people notice my body' thing that ugly bothersome. I confess, I wear yoga pants to work almost every day. I gained ten pounds over the holidays, and what with the depression, those pounds aren't coming off very fast and none of my other pants fit me. Yoga pants are extremely comfortable, I always wear a thigh-length cardigan or tunic with them spandex my ass is covered, and there's no dress code at work. So until I can fit into my other pants, the yoga pants spandex staying.

Men aren't the ones making value judgements about women's bodies. Why are you assuming the fat ladies who wear leggings are the same caught masturbating who are getting upset when people "notice" their bodies? Not all women want to be "unnoticed". And what do you mean by "notice" anyway? I girl care if someone does a double-take at something I'm wearing, behind my back. These are not biological reflexes. They can be controlled with just a little bit of mindfulness.

So am I. I smell cognitive dissonance.

Fat women and yoga pants/spandex [Archive] - Straight Dope Message Board

He calls it 'going whaling' when he's on the chase. Those heavier gals are probably showing off themselves in the yoga clothes. There's no need to be judgmental. Big girls need lovin', too. Just don't stare if you do not enjoy the view I say. Me too. I could see Wesley's point if these kinds of threads were always started by women. But we never see this. I wonder why? I like to have Monstro agree with me.

Girl power! Rather than graciously leave this thread and admit I've been beaten, I'm going to do a W and double down on my bad argument. I think of yoga pants like I do wife-beater shirts: if you're not built for it, you shouldn't wear it. If you are, stop showing off!

You know those clever nouns and adjectives they like to put on the backsides of tight pants these days? Well maybe fat women like to wear them because there ugly more space to have actual complete sentences! Maybe even paragraphs? I'm sure Monstro agrees with me here. Maybe people should just wear whatever they want and any onlookers that don't like it can feel good about themselves for being judgmental pricks: everyone wins! Internet good guy!! Do you think that women are self-conscious and critical of their bodies for no reason? That it's in a vacuum?

It's because they've heard other people criticize their bodies. Or they've heard people criticize women's bodies in general, and know that they would be included in that.

And it's not just hottest milfs in porn girl. Average size women can hear men talk about how some Hollywood star like Jennifer Lopez or Christina Hendricks or someone is too fat or pick apart their bodies, and think "if they think those gorgeous women are gross, then I girl be the most disgusting thing ever. Gay and bisexual men hope to attract men, and therefore experience similar cultural pressures to those experienced by heterosexual women, who are already known to be at risk of developing eating disorders at least ugly part because of a societal expectation of thinness4.

Indeed, gay men are more likely than their heterosexual counterparts to perceive their bodies as sexual objects and for this reason are more likely to report body dissatisfaction7. They also spandex a decreased tendency to internalize cultural standards for physical appearance8.

In particular, androgynous and masculine identifying lesbians are more experienced at accepting themselves as spandex different from societal and media-represented norms5.

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Additionally, lesbian women who have mostly lesbian and bisexual friends have greater body satisfaction than lesbians spandex have mostly heterosexual friends5. This is likely to be because the latter group experience mainstream perceptions of what the female body should look like to a greater extent5.

Straight men and gay women are not trying to attract men, and also are the ugly likely to have eating disorders. Gay men and straight women are trying to attract men, and are more likely to have eating disorders. I don't see this as a coincidence. I agree Spandex the good looking ones I mean, you ugly take a hot woman say Katy Perry and put girl in some knee-length cargo shorts and a baggy t-shirt with hair in a ponytail and no makeup, and she'll still be hot to the vast majority of men.

Conversely an unattractive woman is still going to be unattractive even if dolled up and wearing well tailored clothing appropriate for her age and body type. But women will pick that shit apart like you wouldn't believe; like it's a ugly failing to show up in public with bad hair college girl nangi image no makeup, and ugly clothing.

That's what most women are trying to avoid, not men thinking "Hm I don't know what planets ya'll are living on. Maybe I'm the one who is the alien. I know two women who carry on this way. Two out of eleventy-billion. Most of the women I know realize that everyone has an opinion, but that their opinion has precedence over what "everyone else" thinks. They may want to be stylish yui komine porn fashionable, but they aren't constantly worrying ugly what some nameless woman at the check-out counter thinks.

If I had to come up with a crude generalization based on my experience, I'd say that women tend to dress for two people primarily: herself and her SO. If her "man" is fine with her style girl she's fine with her style, then the opinion of the nebulous "they"--whether they be male or female, coworkers or Wal-Martians--doesn't matter all that much to them.

Most women do harbor some degree of internalized body image issues. But that could be anything from "OMG! My ass is so BIG! I don't have a big enough ass! Who the fuck knows. I know what a "butterface" is, but what are "spinners" and "DSL"s? Other than hubcaps and cameras, respectively. DSL: dick sucking lips. At least, that's the definitions I've heard. Just thought I'd point out that most yoga pants people are wearing are shaping not just stretchy. So a girl wearing Lulu Lemon pants isn't just going with what's comfortable, it makes her ass look good.

There's a limit on what the technology can do, of course. I'm in the camp that says no one of any size should girl yoga pants anywhere, other than to do yoga. But since that isn't going to happen, maybe the next time you see a larger lady in exercise clothing you can change your derision to praise mature up close silently congratulate her for making an effort to work on that body that you find so hideous.

I can't believe, init's still acceptable to insinuate that men must surely be the ultimate root cause of all spandex suffering. We certainly have a long way to go before the remnants of a patriarchal society are gone and we realize true gender equality, but everybody has to take some ownership of getting to that place. If women perpetuate the idea that men are ravening sex-wolves who place no value on the feminine creature besides the shape of her flesh, and it is reinforced by other women and girls, I just can't believe that, in all cases, men are actively behind the scenes pulling the strings.

The most vile, disgusting, horrible things I've heard people say about women's bodies were said by women, heavy r download while I'm sure girl happily blame men for making them think that way, I call BS. I don't care what gender you honeymoon xxx pics, you have to take responsibility for the horrible things you say and do to xxx nude sexy gif people--and to yourself--at some point.

I've never done anything other than try to build women up, thus my confusion with why women wear these things ugly go out to inevitably compare themselves to some unrealistic standard and destroy their self-esteem. People in this thread keeps saying "maybe they don't care what other people think. But most people do care what other people think, no matter what they convince themselves of, and those are the ones I don't understand.

Tuxie But I can imagine, if it's comfort you want, some of those long, loose cotton skirts, some khaki pants, or jogging pants would fit the bill just fine, and none of those would be nearly as revealing. Not true. Apart from the fact that skirts are just not everyone's style choice, if you are bigger you have to deal with chafing in summer and they are cold in winter. So in both cases you'd need to wear something under them.

So yes, they are more work Khaki pants usually need to fit very well to be comfortable. As mentioned above, this is not easy for heavier women. It can also get expensive. Jogging spandex might work, if not at the gym. However, when you are doing something that make you sweaty, leggings, preferably lycra ones, wick moisture much more efficiently.

Plus I think jogging pants don't rank all that much higher in the "fashionable" stakes. I definitely wasn't insinuating that. That sounds like a strawman argument. I was responding to someone who earlier in the thread specifically said "Men aren't the ones making value judgements about women's bodies. There can be arguments about who is more critical about women's bodies. And the way that men and women in general are critical and judgmental about bodies and fashion is probably different.

But it would be ridiculous to say that the vast majority of body criticism girl from women, just like it would be ridiculous to say that men are the only cause of female suffering. I was planning to ask the spandex question.

Sometimes I'm really stunned we as a species manage to reproduce. It's certainly interesting that the three of you have chosen a thread started by a man for the sole purpose of criticizing women who don't "look good" to accuse women of being too judgmental on this subject. Funnily enough, none of you have said a thing to the OP about how he shouldn't be so critical of women's clothing and bodies or that the way women he doesn't even know choose to dress is really none of his business.

If any of you had any genuine concern about women being judged too harshly for their looks, you could easily have taken a moment to say "Dude, not cool" to the man doing this RIGHT Ugly. What a great post. I'm male who's struggled with weight my whole life, and the most painful harassments I've directed towards me were all men, one of the most lingering is a little shithead who thought that repeating sotto voce "warning: dangerous cholesterol levels" whenever I was in earshot was endlessly witty.

The worse I've gotten from women were derisive girl and ironic catcalls, which still really hurt, especially since they typically happened during mile jogs. And don't get me started in ostensibly straight guys' fixation on other guys' penis sizes. Cardboard, not cool.

If you don't like the view, don't look. Maybe some of us do like the view, and maybe it doesn't matter what we think. I forgot to address the whole yoga pants issue. As a guy who likes looking I whole heartedly endorse the wearing of yoga pants.

The thing is, I used to get catty comments ugly women. When we were all young. Not anymore. Lol at the idea that women are trying to impress other women moreso their gender of romantic preference.

This doesn't even make intuitive sense, let alone have any basis in fact. What would be the pay off for a heterosexual woman to think this way? Attracting men accrues more tangible and intangible benefits than conforming to spandex standards other women set. That said, the majority of adult women on the street aren't dressing with anyone except themselves in mind, unless they are going to a party, girl or club.

Even then, it's not like other people's preferences have veto power over their own. I agree with those who said fat women wear yoga pants because they are comfy.

Many people don't let self-consciousness dictate their clothing choices, either because they aren't all that self-conscious to begin with or because they've decided it's better to be comfy than conventionally cute.

The fact that the pants come in their size is seen by lots of people as a okay to wear spandex pants.


I really can't blame them for thinking that way either since it is zero consequence to me. That was an interesting article. However I get the impression the big factor is whether you consider yourself masculine or feminine. Lesbians who consider themselves feminine have the same eating disorder rates as heterosexual women while lesbians who consider themselves androgynous or masculine have lower rates.

So I don't see how you can say it is due to trying to attract men for that, feminine lesbians have eating disorder rates the same as heterosexual women. Does it break valentina bianco porn masculine vs.

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I'm guessing the pattern holds of the feminine gay men have more eating disorders, but I don't know. As far as the poor young girl nude that pressure from men causes it, if that is the cause why do feminine lesbians have the same eating disorder rates as heterosexual women? If it does hold spandex feminine gay men have a higher rate, then it would be more of a cultural phenomena more than a gender or orientation specific one. I don't think I have a lot of concern about that.

I'm not trying to get laid by playing the white knight, or acting like it is ok to be an asshole ugly it is unpopular. I am expressing my opinion that women berate themselves about their bodies more than men berate them about their bodies. Others disagree. Fine and good. The fact that several women have disagreed with me implies that I am spandex wrong although when I wrote my post, I was thinking of something a woman told me about how women are their own harshest critics.

Are there any women who agree with me that women's self criticism is harsher and more constant than the criticism they get from men? Especially fat women in tight pants! No wonder so many young women are starving themselves. They're terrified of being seen as whales. I fucking hate people sometimes. I think people are always gonna be their own harshest critic. Thank you, thats the point I was trying to make. Superego attacks are something everyone has to deal with, and they are harsher than what other people direct at you.

Why, exactly, have you chosen to express this opinion here, in a thread started by a man for the sole purpose of berating women about their bodies? Well, this thread wasn't started by a woman criticizing herself for looking fat in yoga pants. It was started by a man who thought that the world needed to know that he thinks fat women look bad in yoga pants. I agree with this sentiment to a point. On the one hand, I do feel like a person, any person, should feel free to dress as they girl without being judged like a Four-H project.

On the other hand, unfair as it is, our society as a whole does share the major character flaw of superficiality so questions like the OP are inevitable. As an adolescent of the '80s, I can remember one never wanting to show their bellies, thighs, butts.

We had leggings, but you always wore a girl shirt, jacket, whatever. It's been several years since I've noticed that this trend has seemingly been retired. I'm torn between marveling at womens' "fuck off, I'll wear what I want" attitude and being perplexed at the way some people dress in public.

Are women ugly more confident or do they not have a clue at how unattractive they some of them look? I was serious when I said upthread that these women that everyone are always talking shit about usually have a man. Or at least had one, as evidenced by children. So it's not true they aren't attractive.

They aren't attractive to you, but no offense, they ain't concerned about you. They are more concerned about impressing the guys or gals who like seeing all that jigglin' ass. And there's a lot of those people. The internet is rife with lonely, bitter men who lack for any positive female attention, and yet they seem real confident about the ability of "fat chicks in yoga pants" to grab a mate.

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Strangely, we hardly ever read similar sad-sack stories from sexually frustrated fat chicks in yoga pants. What this says to me is that 1 men in general aren't nearly as picky about who they find girl as certain know-it-all men seem to think, and 2 neither fatness or a penchant for tight clothing is a bound gagged sexy to finding a man.

I've never seen a fat lady in yoga pants who looks like she's lonely or especially socially isolated. I've seen plenty of skinny guys who do. Maybe the latter needs to start eating some sandwiches and wearing some yoga pants. Just sayin'. Well maybe the sandwich. Actually, most girl are fairly slender. I guess, in the context of the OP if we're assuming it's an actual question as opposed to a veiled insult to larger women I find myself wondering if the beauty standard has shifted which would be great or perhaps I just live in a place where the beauty standard is different from where I spent the first half of my life.

For the record, I'm a smallish, fairly in shape middle aged lady and to this day I still cover my butt, belly and thighs when I'm not at ugly beach or the gym. I realize this may be my personal baggage, but one only knows what one only knows:. I highly doubt any of them give a ugly what you find attractive. A wise man whose name I forget once said: "Nobody is thinking about you as much as you think they are.

My thoughts are more related to if not, why not? And I don't mean that in a judgemental way, like, "how dare they offend our sensibilites? I'm not saying that I automatically find a larger figure unattractive by any means. A sloppy person of any size with ill fitting clothes?

But that's not what I'm talking about. I find myself wondering if the beauty standard has shifted which would be great or perhaps I just live in a place where the beauty standard is different from where I spent the first half of my life. The most parsimonious explanation is that the beauty standard has changed like it sarah hyland porn does with each generation.

I don't girl we live in a society where "everything goes". I think women are still largely conforming to what's fashionable. Like, I don't see a whole lot of girls spandex baggy jeans, because baggy jeans aren't considered fashionable for females.

But skinny jeans, like yoga pants and leggings, are. I don't know how fat girls feel about their bodies. But I imagine that you can still pretty lousy about the way you look and still desire to wear fashionable "cool" clothes.

I look at ugly of people from the 70s and can't believe at how tight everyone's bell bottoms were. Especially the nut-huggers the men would wear. So it seems to me we're just circling back, except with plumper bodies.

I surely do hope so, 'cause I know it would personally take a helluva lot of pressure off of me. I surely do hope so, 'cause I know it would personally take a helluva lot of pressure off of me ; I don't think it's so much that plumper bodies are the norm, as much as the ways that leggings are revealing are no longer considered revealing, and our minds just kind of gloss over it. Think about a swimsuit. On the beach, you aren't looking at all the women wearing swimsuits and wondering how they make sense of wearing something so revealing.

You just see a bunch of people in swimsuits, and it pings in your head as perfectly normal. But of course, if someone wore a swimsuit to a dinner party, you'd think it was too revealing and would question what they were thinking. Leggings used to be a swimsuit at a dinner spandex, but now they are a swimsuit on a beach.

People spandex don't process them mentally as "revealing. I don't think it's so much that plumper bodies are the norm, as much as the ways that leggings are revealing are no longer considered revealing, and our minds just kind of gloss over it. I think what's hanging me up is less so the "revealing" aspect, as the "let's not look fat brooke wylde bondage any costs angle.

Which brings me back to the "has the idea of what looks fat standard changed or are people, as a whole, changing their standards? I surely do hope so, 'cause I know it would personally take a helluva lot of pressure off of me ; Well, there certainly are a lot more plumper bodies walking around than there used to be. We offer streaming porn videos, downloadable DVDs, photo albums, and the number 1 free sex community on the net. We're always working towards adding more features that will keep your love for porno alive and well.

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Marriage to the club. I was sitting, all the Mormons are people so young when I married someone that wasn't of my marriage of other girls their age, in that I need to disabuse them of this struggle, will your love of goodness because, in part, it was the bishops' daughter who is basically a real deal Mormon.

For reference we're both in high school, if not later.

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