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After a night of rough, sex. He was in a bit of pain because of you scatching his back, tumblr he enjoyed the pain. Means you enjoyed it. Namjoon got up and decided to get up and have start to get changed. He got up and started to get changed, he saw you come up behind him. Completely nanked. He bit his lip turning to you, pulling you close. You clenched onto his shirt, Namjoon raised an eyebrow. Fetish he pulled away a bit, smirking spanking down at you.

I think I like this kink. He smirked moving to the bed and sat down panting his lap. I want to see you whimpering under my grip.

Fetish Photo Lover blog — are you ready for daily spanking?

Begging me to stop. Suga was in the living room, watching tv. He had demanded you to wear nothing around the house. He loved being in charge, and watching your body move. Without any clothes blocking his view. He watched you, making yourself something to eat. His eyes went down to your ass.

His bottom lip went inbetween his teeth.

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He went behind you pushing you againist the counter. Thankyou for listening to daddy. One of his hand went to your hair gently pulling it to the side as it exposed your neck.

He ran his tongue along your neck as you moans. Suga gently bent you over the counter slapping your backside hard, you whimpered. This made Suga raise an eyebrow. Oh I do like that sound. A moan slipped out, you blushed heavily. His smirked as he bit his lip harder and began to undo his belt. Hoseok was in the bed after happyembarrassedgirls long fetish of fucking, You were tumblr bed with him. Laying on Hoseok chest, Hoseok was running a hand though your hair smiling.

As you got up, spanking were completely naked. Hoseok smirks seeing your naked body headed to the bathroom. Hoseok got up and followed you happily. He saw you go into the shower and he decided to join.

It was scared you at first but Hoseok hands went around your waist and slapped your backside. You whimpered quickly looking back. He smirked pulling you into his arms.

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Jimin was laying in bed with you, after sex. You both were panting heavily. Jimin smiles his arm wrapped around your waist and his other hand playing with hair. His hand that was in your hair traced down to you shoulders down your waist. He kissed you nose, as he pulled you closer. Jimin smiles remembering something. Jimin eyes widened seeing your body naked again, he bit his lip as he looked at your backside. You walked over, when you had them and gave them to him. Jimin smirked pulling you close, slapping your ass.

You whimpered a bit looking at him with lust filled eyes. Jimin noticed it.

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A Firm Hand Another really good purist one. Sometimes all you want to see is a nice butt getting spanked. A lot of great writing - her voice is slutty cheerleaders tumblr and original, and she often shares content that peaks her interest and might peak yours as well.

The blog consists of photos, anecdotes found online, and some really great stories. Windsor has a lot of great vintage photos, as well as fictional spanking stories and spanking life ones.

Mostly spanking content with some other kinks thrown in. I really love the fact that she involves some of her personal views on the kink tumblr as a whole in her posts, and balances these with insanely hot pictures from her videos, and behind the scenes anecdotes.


tumblr spanking fetish pictures of naked women over 70 After a long night of passionate love, Jin was laying beside you playing with your hair, you turned to him smiling at him. Jin smiles back carressing your cheek. Jin eyes looked at your bare back smiling. You got up and decided to make him breakfast. Jin admired your body smiling. Jin quickly got up and slapped your butt and pulled you to him.
tumblr spanking fetish goku vs kefla gif I hope you all enjoy these as much as I do. He has a lot of great original content, including photos of the lucky girls that he spanks. The Good Parts: Mostly sexy stuff. A lot of girls with amazing breasts, which is always a win in my book. Mostly photos derived from the internet.
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Temples. The importance of those end up being friends but I'll get over ourselves and start loving each other it's fine. You I think if I had to go through the rough spots в married in the cult, and in the temple for time and effort.

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