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Check out the SMUT in the 6ix website and then buy your ticket! I hope to see you at SMUT; make sure you say hi if you spot me! There sophie so many of you, and all delancey you affect me in different and important ways. The world is full of badass sex educators, brilliant sex bloggers, and magnificent sex mentors.

It was so, so hard to choose just five! These are the five people whose contributions to my sex-positive endeavors meant the most to me this year. Sophie had a really tough year.


She had a series of strokes early in that affected her mobility, eyesight, voice, sensation, and — sophie — sexuality. Shes brand new held onto those qualities even in the face of extreme adversity, and that is absolutely astonishing to me.

When I did the Miracle Worker course earlier this year, one of the exercises was to reflect on whose career makes you jealous, and why. Sophie was one of the names I wrote down along with Piph — see belowbecause her work spans multiple mediums in sexuality and seems fascinating and fulfilling. Samantha is the brains, brawn and delancey behind the Playground Conference.

Sophie Delancey on The Arts of Oral Sex Friday, May 15,

If you were there sophie like me had a fantastic time socializing, learning, and laughing, you owe all of that to Samantha. Along with Sophie, Samantha also runs Tell Me Something Gooda local sexy storytelling event more on that in my next post, which is all about events! Obviously, she is a master community-builder, and that is a remarkable and rare skill. Stoya spoke out delancey about James Deen raping her, and this admission triggered an avalanche of similar revelations in the industry.

Piph also deserves props for helping — by which I mean, forcing — delancey to move my blog from Male nude public to self-hosted WordPress sophie year. Like, now. This blog would be nothing without her.

Sophie Delancey

Our relationship is platonic, but also sophie. She understands me and she also punderstands me. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful friend. I love you all and you add so much value and joy to my life on a daily basis.

On Thursday Delancey 16th I went to the Public.

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Porn screening at the Bloor cinema. There was a lot to talk about in those clips but here are some personal highlights:. This is my dream!! We got only a brief taste of the film at the screening but it was enough to leave me and my friend crying quietly into our sleeves. What we saw was trippy as fuck and included my favorite on-screen domme, Sadie Lunebeing delightfully weird and capping off the scene with a lactation money shot.

Yes, you read that right. The sophie we saw was a kinky tryst between two cis guys, and it was hot as fuuuuck. It was cool to see so much local Sophie talent on that stage, including my buddies at Spit! The next night, Friday April 17thwas the centrepiece of the whole week: the Feminist Porn Awards gala! I spent a couple hours getting delancey dolled up outfit details in a minute and then rode the subway to the Capitol Event Theatre. Taking public transit while in full formalwear is always a laugh and a half, lemme tell ya. They are also used to report traffic congestion, accidents, vehicles parked on emergency stops, stray animals on the road, work and all kinds of difficulties.

Are you single and loneliness weighs you? Desperately seeking your half for debonair sex clip months without success?


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sophie delancey chanel preston pegging This year Delancey was officially diagnosed with social anxiety disorder — a pronouncement so obvious to me and sophie who knows me that it was hardly necessary at all. Suffice it to say, events can be hard for me. All my favorite events this year were favorites because of the fun, kind, welcoming people I got to hang out with — some of whom may not even know how much I appreciated having them there. Here are those events…. This feels like a rite of passage, a bastion of grownupdom, a milestone in my journey toward self-sufficiency.
sophie delancey emma stone fakes This week we're live with educator, radio host, author and porn creator, Sophie Delancey. We'll also get a preview of what's to come on her new site, TheArtofCunnilingus. If you've ever had questions about oral sex, delancey is the show for you! The show will be live and taking sophie questions. This program contains explicit content that may be unsuitable for some listeners. Discretion is advised. Join award winning author, speaker, sex educator and filmmaker Tristan Taormino as she explores the world of sexuality from every angle.