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Friends of Paheal List New to Paheal? Anonymous : she taking her dickthe outcome now is the predictable Anonymous : Anonymous: Must be one of the just added writers, Anonymous : Well Anon 8 considering technically with each sister Anonymous : Tits too small. I think fans actually liked the version of tmnt and people really liked the thundercats version, I am unaware of any new he-man cartoon. From what I saw of the new Thundercats, it's pretty solid.

Mallu poron sure lakshmi ramakrishnan fakes the new He-man though. I know there was a revamped He-man cartoon when I was a kid and I don't recall it being that bad either. Not sure if that's the "new" He-man though since it's been around for quite a few years now.

He was lost in time for over a millennial! He went insane! One of the things I really liked about the original show was that the Omnitrix was rule limited in what it could do. Ben would often decide upon what alien he would want to choose in a certain situation, but get something completely different and would have to be creative in how he took each alien's set of abilities animated order to take on his animated. Each Alien had a set of skills that differentiated them from the pack, and they all also had their set of weaknesses.

In Alien Force Ben has mastered the Omnitrix. He can transform to any alien at will, and his collection of aliens he can transform into has expanded into aliens which mostly consists of two aliens from the original series spliced together. There are some new ones in there, but each alien has become so generalized that they all bleed together and start behaving the exact same.

Instead of each alien being distinct, they have mostly boiled down to "Lazer shooty alien" and "Punchy kicky alien" with very little notable exceptions. Not to mention, now that Ben has mastered the Omnitrix that battles aren't nearly as exciting or surprising for me anymore. I'll be honest and jordana james naked that while I do enjoy character progression, Ben 10 rule exactly the best series for it in my humble opinion, so maybe I'm not the best judge of whether Alien Force was an improvement.

Jack the Potato: And from ben look of this new series they're doing They probably did, given the copious amounts of porn made about the series. Why do you think they tried to radically change Gwen's look so much? Didn't really help, mind you, but there was visible effort put into it. But hey, the creators ben Avatar: The Last Airbender hated their fans too SaneAmongInsane: What?

How can you hate a show that brought us Doctor Paradox! I'm pretty sure the A:TLA creators more treat those kinds of fans as that smelly relative you try your hardest to avoid at family reunions. I think it's time for cake! Besides, I think everyone knows rule 34 isn't a joke by now.

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Best just to not acknowledge it and move on. Avatar was a different story, its creators hated the horde of shippers that kept flooding them with demands to make "Zutara" among other things canon.

Of course, once their cocaine pile became dangerously low they had to change their tune in the new series. Think it's just a coincidence that the only two members of the old series confirmed to be still alive are Zuko and Katara? Although TBH Katara does have at least a semblance of a reason outside of shipping bait.

I think "don't quote me on this" but there was a series before Ben Alien Force I think. It had all the modern drawings and released a couple of years ago but I thought that was alright.

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Putting up images of the series you're talking about would help. Calm down, guy. It's just a cartoon.

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Sheesh, I haven't seen this many exclamation points since that Jake Jarmel manuscript. Latest Videos Reviews Everything. Not a member? Register Now. Ben Why?! Comments Chronicmarijuana : The fact that everything is canon is what both delights I love the pose and everything, It's not fake?

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rule 34 ben 10 animated www mesor sex When I was in high school about 7 years ago, I saw this neat little cartoon on Cartoon Network about a boy who could transform into various aliens using a weird alien watch he found. It wasn't a particularly extraordinary show, but it was good, pretty well-written, and generally fun to watch and had an extremely catchy theme song. They made a TV movie that ended the series on a pretty good note, and I was indian femdom clips happy with its run. Oh, they made a new Ben 10 series? Alien Force? Could be interesting, I wonder how they'll handle it. Okay, calm down, Jack
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