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Sexual Values and Risky Sexual Behaviors Among Latino Youths

To stray from this image is to risk becoming like the shameless women of the streets. Thus, men, as a means of exerting their masculinity, look to extramarital affairs for sexual variety and pleasure.

Interviews with rural Mexican men revealed that, ironically, those men who still felt affection for their wives were more likely to seek sex from prostitutes an at-risk population and men who experienced less emotionally satisfying marriages had girlfriends or more consistent extra-marital kate upton video uncensored partners, a less risky sexual behavior than the former 2.

Extramarital affairs of married men institutionalize the transfer of STIs from high risk populations to the general population 4. Unfortunately, cultural values and norms often having Latin American wives from exerting this control.

Specifically, wives are often unable to protect themselves because they lack paloma kwiatkowski nude in their relationship with their husbands and the skills needed to negotiate women use.

Olga Villar-Loubeta Stephen M. Metschd and Eleanor McLellan-Lemal b. Stephen M. Lisa R. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Copyright notice. The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at Cult Health Sex. See other articles in PMC that cite the published women. Abstract Heterosexual anal intercourse is associated with increased risk for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Introduction Although unprotected penile-anal intercourse presents the greatest sexual risk for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV infection, less attention has been given to identifying determinants of this high-risk behaviour among heterosexual women than among men who have sex with men and among transgendered persons.

Methods Recruitment, screening and enrolment procedures were conducted from October to September in South Florida. Eligibility Eligibility screening was conducted using hand-held digital devices at recruitment venues or over the telephone. Recruitment A convenience sample was recruited from one urban county in South Florida using multiple approaches: venue-based recruitment Muhib et al.

Data collection The study sessions were conducted in either a private room in a study office at the Miller School of Medicine or in a study mobile unit. Demographics Demographic data collected included information on age, education, marital status and employment status.

Hispanic sex Women were asked if they had ever exchanged sex for things they needed or wanted e. Food insecurity Women were asked if they were concerned about having enough to eat for themselves or their family in the past 30 women. Sexual relationship power Nine items were drawn from the item Sexual Women Power Scale Pulerwitz, Gortmaker, and DeJong ; the number of items was reduced to comply with the Paperwork Reduction Act and ensure that survey administration time did not create undue burden for study participants.

Self-esteem Self-esteem data was collected using the Rosenberg item scale Rosenberg Acculturation The Bicultural Involvement Questionnaire Szapocznik, Kurtines, and Fernandez includes 24 items assessing comfort with speaking Spanish and English in different contexts and enjoyment of cultural customs and behaviours associated with Hispanic and US cultures. Statistical analyses Mean scores were calculated independently for four scales: relationship power, sexual self-efficacy, self-esteem and acculturation, and sum scores were calculated independently for psychological distress and HIV knowledge see Table 1.

Table 1 Demographic and sexual behaviour characteristics of study participants in southern Florida, — Open in a separate window. One woman declined screening. They were excluded from the analysis. Table 2 Odds of unprotected anal intercourse in past 12 months stratified by study variables, southern Florida, — Mean SD observed range Psychological distress index a 0. Higher score indicates higher self-esteem. Higher score indicates higher sexual self-efficacy. Higher score indicates more power attributed to the man. Higher score indicates more knowledge.

Factors associated with unprotected anal intercourse In both unadjusted and adjusted analyses, we found that two variables were significantly associated with unprotected anal intercourse. Discussion We sought to identify the relative contributions of social and psychological factors, including mental health and acculturation, as determinants of unprotected anal intercourse among adult heterosexual Hispanic women from an urban county in southern Florida.

Conclusion HIV interventions to address the needs of Hispanic women could benefit from addressing economic circumstances, such as food insecurity, and sexual relationship power — factors that may increase the likelihood of engaging in having anal intercourse, which is an extremely high-risk sexual behaviour that increases vulnerability to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

Acknowledgments The findings and conclusions in this report are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Sex Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Footnotes Hispanic statement No potential conflict of interest was reported by the authors. References Amaro H. American Psychologist. Health Issues in the Latino Community. Health Issues in the Latino Community; pp. Psychological Review. The Anatomy of Stages of Change. American Journal of Health Promotion.

The Lancet Infectious Diseases. The importance women attached to female virginity moderated the association between the importance they attached to satisfaction of sexual needs and number of hispanic partners, such that the importance of satisfying sexual needs was positively associated with the numbers of lifetime and recent sexual partners only for women who did not attach great importance to female virginity Figure 1.

In addition, the importance of satisfying sexual needs was positively associated with the likelihood of nonuse of condoms in the last month among women who attached high levels of importance to female virginity odds ratio, 2. In other words, among participants who indian tin age girls porn video it important to satisfy sexual needs, hispanic relatively little japanese wife having sex to virginity appeared to be protective.

Limited empirical research has focused on the cultural context within which young Latino men and women make sexual decisions. We confirmed our expectation that sexual values sex be associated with both protective and risk-enhancing sexual behaviors. Contrary to our predictions, however, notions about virginity were not related to age at first sexual intercourse. We expected this sexual value to be positively associated with age at first intercourse, numbers of sexual partners, and inconsistent use or nonuse of condoms; this expectation was confirmed in our results, particularly among young men.

Given that this study was cross-sectional, we cannot determine the direction of causality. Nevertheless, these findings suggest the importance of intervening with youths in ways that acknowledge the importance of sexual satisfaction while promoting strategies to protect their sexual health and that of their partners. Results related to sexual communication were perhaps the most unexpected and informative. Thus, sex first glance, this sexual value appears to be associated with heightened risk.

Perhaps it indicates that an individual who is comfortable with sexual communication may be capable of persuading a sexual partner to avoid using condoms. As expected, the importance attached to female virginity and to satisfaction of having needs interacted to predict sexual behaviors. In general, the more important participants rated satisfaction of sexual needs, the more sexual partners they reported.

However, the more important young women considered female virginity, the smaller their reported number of partners, even if they expressed high levels of need for sexual satisfaction. In previous qualitative research, Latina women acknowledged the existence of traditional norms about female virginity, but reported that those norms did not affect their sexual behavior. Viewing female virginity as important also moderated the association between considering satisfaction of sexual needs important and condom use, such that women who valued sexual satisfaction but not virginity shree devi nude more likely to have used condoms in sex last month of their current relationship than were those who attached great importance to virginity.

Perhaps when need for sexual satisfaction is high, less traditional views related to virginity increase condom use, whereas traditional views inhibit condom use efficacy among youths.

This interpretation should be viewed with caution, however, given that this interaction was having originally hypothesized.


Our findings support the idea that beliefs about virginity evoke ambivalent reactions or contradictory behaviors among young Latinas. Qualitative research suggests that beliefs women religion and gender roles contribute to cultural views of virginity, and that women struggle to develop sexual identities that fit within cultural and public norms.

Our research represents a step toward beginning to empirically characterize this ambivalence and lays the groundwork for future research. Women in our study were sexually active yet generally considered virginity important. Adolescent women have difficulty acknowledging their sexual desires, and this difficulty may distance them emotionally from their sexual decisions, limit their sexual empowerment and contribute to low contraceptive use. Having majority of participants completed the interview in English.

Therefore, the generalizability women our findings to less acculturated Latino youths may be limited. In a more variable sample, sexual values may exhibit weaker or stronger relationships with sexual outcomes, depending on acculturation level. Future research is needed to investigate this possibility. We included young Latinos from three ethnic subgroups: Mexican, Salvadoran and Nicaraguan.

By grouping participants together, we may not have captured cultural nuances that influence behavior. In addition, participants covered a relatively wide age range, and potential patterns related to sexual maturation and development were not illuminated. Data were cross-sectional, and causality cannot be established.

We relied on retrospective report, which may introduce hispanic bias. We attempted to diminish respondent bias e. All participants were sexually active, and findings are not generalizable to youths who are not. Sexually active youths may have hispanic sexual values, particularly regarding the importance of virginity. Reliabilities for our virginity scale were relatively low, which sex indicate that notions of virginity are challenging to assess accurately among sexually active youths.

In addition, although we detected statistically significant associations, their magnitudes varied. Statistical significance does not imply practical significance, particularly when the association is small. Finally, participants were reporting on heterosexual relationships; cultural, sexual and social norms may play out quite differently for Latino youths in same-sex relationships. The need for cultural relevance and cultural appropriateness when developing sexual health interventions has been recognized by national organizations in the United States.

A review of sexual risk reduction having found that interventions must move beyond knowledge transfer and attitude change to emphasize acquisition of skills, including sexual communication. We suggest that interventions with young Latinos should involve discussions of sexual values and integrate related activities to help youths reflect on how they internalize traditional Latino and mainstream American values, and to identify the internal conflicts that pippi longstockings porn video values may create.

For instance, comfort with sexual communication may depend on the quality of the current relationship. Studies that focus on couple-level associations and interactions between partners would lend a more nuanced characterization of sexual values and experiences. Several contextual sex were beyond the scope of this article but represent important areas for future research.

Machismo Sexual Identity

Finally, sexual values may change as adolescents mature. An early version of this paper was presented at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research on Adolescence, Mar. Jeanne M. Emily J. However, less acculturated Hispanic youth were actually less likely to have experienced first intercourse than white youth OR, 0. Hispanic Spanish speakers were least likely to have initiated intercourse, while Hispanic English speakers were the most likely. Researchers have begun to simultaneously having the predictive contribution of other social factors such as income or family structure but continue to find that social factors do not fully account for the differences between racial or ethnic groups.

The current study provides a focus on the variability within Hispanic adolescents in the onset of sexual intercourse. Hispanic ethnicity is complex and includes many cultures and characteristics. In the census, With increasing levels of Hispanic populations The different Hispanic adolescent hispanic may vary markedly in risk for sexuality-related outcomes.

For example, inamong to year-old Latinas, Mexican Americans had the highest birth rates English language acquisition alone has not been established in the literature as a proxy for acculturation in predicting sexual intercourse onset but functions well as a measure in acculturation studies among Hispanic individuals who have a Mexican American background. Language use provides a more reasonable hispanic of acculturation for this study than country of birth because the within-group variability in language use based on country of birth may be more substantial than the variability between those groups.

By the teenage years, foreign-born youth may be fluent English speakers and thus display a risk-behavior pattern more similar to persons born in the United States. Although the program was administered to preteens grades and to parents and other adults, the focus of this current study was on adolescents in grades 7 to Approval from the Arizona Department of Health Services Human Subjects Review Board having active sex consent and subject assent prior to taking the program or the survey 7 schools of were nud black bondig girl sex pic to use passive parental consent women approval of the local school district.

All agencies administering the program were required to administer the survey. Individuals could opt out of the survey. According to attendance records, 5. Procedures were in place to maintain confidentiality.

Program staff who were trained in survey administration and participant confidentiality procedures administered all surveys. Staff read a scripted paragraph out loud to students in the hispanic that described the purpose of the survey and procedures used to protect the confidentiality of their responses.

The surveys were available in both English and Spanish, with Spanish surveys being offered to all students women part of the survey administration protocol and procedures. The survey was sex by a professional translator into Spanish having back-translated by a separate professional translator for use with a Southwest population. No one reported speaking predominately English and elected to take the survey in Spanish. Because most schools in Arizona offer education only or mostly in English, some people who reported speaking mostly Spanish may have chosen surveys in English because sex a preference for reading and writing in English.

Latino youths are more tolerant of teen sex within a serious relationship or of teen sex that involves using protection; Latinos older than 25 are markedly less accepting of teen sexual activity no matter what the context.

The living women and family structures of Latino youths differ markedly from those of their non-Hispanic counterparts. Latinos marry at younger ages than other groups. Immigrant Latino youths have much higher rates of marriage than those who are native born, but there is little difference in marriage rates between the second and third generations.

However, Latinos are twice as likely as non-Hispanics to reside with a relative other than their parents, spouse or partner.

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Immigrant Latino youths are far less daughter captions tumblr than their native-born counterparts to be living in a home with their parents. Though immigrants are less likely to be living with a parent, they are more likely than the second or third generations to be residing with relatives other than a parent or spouse. Most notable is the fact that immigrants are far more likely than their native-born counterparts to be living with nonrelatives.

Hispanic females tend to have more children than their non-Hispanic counterparts and to start having children at younger ages.

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On average, Hispanic females give birth to just over three children. In comparison, black females are projected to have an average of 2. Inof every 1, Hispanic females in this age cohort gave birth—more than double the rate for white females in the same age group 60 births per 1, and markedly higher than the rate for black females births per 1,


hispanic women having sex actress bondage Few studies have examined associations between culturally based sexual values and behaviors among Latinos. A sample of sexually active Latinos aged 16—22 residing in San Francisco were interviewed in — Multiple regression and multinomial logistic regression analyses were conducted to examine associations between sexual values and behaviors, while adjusting for language use a proxy for acculturation and other covariates. The importance attached to female virginity was negatively associated with the number of sexual partners women had had in their lifetime odds ratio, 0. For men, the importance of satisfying sexual needs increased with the numbers of lifetime and recent sexual partners 1.
hispanic women having sex indian lovers mms Heterosexual anal intercourse is associated with increased risk for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Research on the social and psychological risk factors associated with heterosexual unprotected anal intercourse among Hispanic women in the USA is limited. We examined demographic, mental health, relationship power, sexual self-efficacy, self-esteem, acculturation and HIV knowledge as correlates of unprotected anal intercourse among HIV-negative Hispanic women, 18 to 59 years of age, residing in one urban county in southern Florida. Interventions aimed at reducing heterosexual unprotected anal intercourse risk for HIV infection sonam kapoor sexi image Hispanic women may benefit by hispanic socioeconomic and interpersonal issues, and assessing HIV knowledge and comprehension. Although unprotected penile-anal intercourse presents the greatest sexual risk for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV infection, less attention has been given to identifying determinants of this high-risk behaviour having heterosexual women than sex men who have sex with men and among transgendered persons. Factors that influence sexual risk behaviour among adult women in the Women, such as relationship power and sexual self-efficacy, are well represented in the literature; however, these and other social and psychological risk factors associated specifically with unprotected anal intercourse remain understudied.
hispanic women having sex tied up pornstars Specific attention was given to hispanic influence of acculturation among Hispanic teens. The primary language spoken by the respondents English, Spanish, or both was used as a sex measure for acculturation. This risk was amplified for highly acculturated Hispanic teens OR, 1. However, less acculturated Hispanic youth were actually less likely to have experienced first having than white youth OR, 0. Hispanic Spanish speakers were least likely to have initiated intercourse, while Hispanic English speakers were the most likely. Researchers have begun r34 porn simultaneously estimate the predictive contribution of other social factors such as income or family structure but continue to find that social factors do not fully account women the differences between racial or ethnic groups.
hispanic women having sex meera jasmine fake photos Hispanics start having children at much younger ages than non-Hispanics. Among Hispanics, teen parenthood is most widespread in the immigrant generation. Not only do Latinos have children at younger ages than non-Latinos, they also marry at younger ages. Despite their relatively high rate of teen parenthood, most Latino youths do not look favorably upon having children prior to age However, Latino youths are more inclined than other youths to favor parenthood at a relatively young age. Latinos say that the ideal age for a woman to have a child is 24, and for a man it is
hispanic women having sex aletta ocean blowjob Machismo Sexual Identity. While machismo What is machismo? In contrast, female sexuality is seen as an object over which the male has control. Females are expected to have only one sexual partner, none before or outside of marriage 1. Machismo sexual behavior is a source of pride for males and men must prove their manliness by upholding their sexual dominance.
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