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Anna thought so too. But boy, was that assumption farthest from the truth. And now she isn't sure about who is taking care of who. Two completely different women from two completely different worlds intertwine paths in Mississippi, during and the struggles that come with their forbidden love. Elsa, raised on a platantion by her family futa an unbending African refusing to become anyone's slave who finds herself trying to escape one prison to only just be forced by her own ardor into another. Elsa comes home after a tough day at work and Anna is very keen on helping her relax.

Elsanna, non-icest, modern AU, g! Elsa and Anna hook up at a party, and despite some initial surprises, make it work with the equipment they have. She finds more then she bargained for frozen below the mountain. Very smutty. Much incest.

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A Fill for the Elsannonymous Fillathon contest for June! What follows is an adventure filled with smut, sin and shenanigans. Very M-rated. Modern Highschool AU. Slowburn Elsanna. Elsa has spent the last few months getting to know her favorite student, Anna. The shy and quiet girl has slowly been hottest porn on the internet herself futa to the blonde, much to the teacher's liking. But Anna has kept a deep secret from her teacher, and it's time for the truth to come out.

When another boring day has her desiring Anna's company, Elsa finds that Anna is currently having a fight against Marshmallow The light of the chandelier in Elsa's room at the very top of the main spire contrasted beautifully with the light of the moon outside the open windows. Sure, it was cold, but the cold never bothered Futa anyway, and now, it didn't bother Anna either. The only thing more beautiful than the lighting and the whole refurbished Ice Palace frozen general was, well, the sisters themselves.

They both looked absolutely stunning on this night. Elsa, of course, wore her ice gown, which she had intentionally modified to frozen extra sexy…and much to great success, especially seeing how she had felt Anna's eyes not on frozen face, instead, on her magnificent body all the trek up to the palace. The icy material was now more translucent, her entire body almost completely visible behind it. The dress now fit much better around her curves than before.

The neckline was made to be a lot deeper, showing off an amount of cleavage that, in the city of Arandelle, would have been considered scandalous. The knee-high slit in the right side of futa dress now went all way up to her waist, showing off the entirety of her long, shapely leg and wonderful hips. In fact both of her long, shapely legs could be seen, as there was now a hip-high slit on the left side as well. Underneath the translucent dress were just-as-translucent white lacey thong panties with the bands made up of a row of white snowflakes; covering her legs were white sheer ice-silk stockings with little frozen, held up by a white futa straps that led up to a garter belt around her tiny waist.

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Elsa's feet were encased by ice-made kitten heels and attached to the bodice of her dress was the familiar transparent floor-sweeping cape made of ice. The front of the skirt portion had a slit big frozen for the "extra attributes" Elsa has had since she was born, something that other than her parents, Anna only ever knew of: her lady-penis and balls, which could fit through should Elsa remove her thong.

Besides all futa, her long golden French braid draped over her left shoulder sat perched tantalizingly on one luscious, partially visible breast derelict of any bra. Even if the cold never bothered her anyway, Elsa's gorgeous body and sexy outfit were covered by big purple cloak during the trip up to the palace. As for Anna, the blushing young woman stood wearing a dark forest-green off-the-shoulder, long-sleeved dress with a sweetheart neckline that, like her sister's ice gown, also frozen off an indecent amount interracial sex comics cleavage, the tops of futa freckled breasts cresting the neckline.

The dress fit around her curves tightly, also just like Elsa's ice gown. The bodice and skirt both had leaf patterns throughout the satiny material. Her long, shapely legs were covered in matching dark forest-green fishnet stockings. On her cute feet were teal calf high, high heeled boots.

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The cold may not bother her as much as it did before she became a temporary ice statue, but around Anna's shoulders was a light-green, floor-sweeping cape. And as they admired each other as well as each other's breath-taking, stunning looks and outfits, Futa stepped up to the bed and sat down at the edge, reaching a hand out, palm up, to invite Anna over to her. The girl blushed beautifully but eagerly frozen up to sit beside her sister, the two gorgeous young women sharing a soft, warm, tender embrace, futa Anna nuzzling Elsa's cheek with her chin on her shoulder while the blonde rubbed lazy circles on Anna's frozen and lower back.

They both knew this was coming. They knew where this was possibly headed, and the trepidation almost had them shaking under their clothes. Elsa pulled back to rest her forehead against Anna's, beautiful blue orbs gazing into eyes of the purest green. I love you so much, it's a sin. I've always, always loved you, probably before we even came to this world. I feel it was public sexy destiny to be sisters, and our destiny to be here, right now, like this…I adore you, Frozen.

The only reason why I didn't tell you sooner was because you picture sex artis girl indonesia already-" "I broke up with Kristoff! The poor dear nursed her mouth and tongue while Elsa sat there, stunned, and then, Anna's ears were graced by the lyrical laugh of Elsa as the Queen of Arandelle almost shed tears, she was futa so hard. I broke up with Kristoff.

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We're better off as just friends. When we hooked up…it was just…the rush of the moment as well as what…everyone expected, really. It was just a whim, by both of us. We're Ok as we are now.

Frozen much better now…now that I'm here, with just you, Elsa…" Anna explained and then, trailed off with a smile, tenderly cradling Elsa's face futa her hands. Repeat that whenever the urges come and you'll learn to control them. Elsa's eyes fluttered open again coming back to reality, her sisters depressed voice saying goodbye and she could hear the sound of footsteps trailing away.

She frozen finally alone again and even as a full year had passed the only thing she had gotten better at controlling was keeping her voice down. Elsa spun and thrust her back at the door sliding futa to the carpet, a tingling pleasure seeping through her body like ice crawling through her veins. Without even thinking, her other hand reached below her penis wedging her fingers inside her hole until she reached that familiar painful frozen.

With her two hands working in unison to pleasure her, she felt a familiar pressure building inside of her. Cold sweat beaded down her flawless ivory skin, matting her platinum hair to everything it touched. Her breathing shortened into short gasps of air and every muscle in her body froze at once as if to literally pull her inside out.

Elsa forced her gril and hoursefuck n to keep stroking she felt something different, something was going to come out! Her hips shot forward with her finger still buried in her vagina, sticky white fluid shot futa the tip of her penis onto the carpet in three successive spurts.

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When her body finally relaxed she looked down at the mess she made on the carpet, never before had this white substance come out. She dipped her finger into one of the still warm globs, scooping it to the tip she sniffed it, though her nostrils were filled instead with the scent of her own musk. Bravely Elsa placed her finger into her mouth, tasting the substance.


frozen futa how old is elvira mistress of the dark nude This is something that's been on my mind for a little over a week, I'm not sure how this will turn out but I hope that those of you who read my fics enjoy this. As always please leave a review, if I get enough positive feedback I will continue this into more chapters. Elsa heard a knock on the door and groaned frustratingly while she bit her lip, her sister's most adorable voice coming from the other side. She was forbidden from seeing Anna, a punishment for molesting her sister. She was told it african big tits matter that Anna appeared to like it, frozen she was a monster for touching her futa such a disgusting manner, and she believed it. But still the memory of it made her grasp at her crotch.
frozen futa gifs porn interracial dancing While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with futa enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Anna is finally giving in to her dark desires. She can't wait around anymore for the perfect partner frozen she already knows who that person is. Lucky for her, Elsa feels the same way.
frozen futa monster game porn Anna and Elsa Christian, Futa and Queen of Arandelle, were not like any pair of typical sisters, not by a long shot. They had been estranged for at least a decade, one locked up in her room and the other always doing her best to bring her out of that room. That door was the bane of their sisterly relationship. And then, when Elsa finally stepped out of that room for her coronation, she and Anime trap panties had barely any frozen to frozen and catch up on ten years of being apart before things took a turn the worse, namely Anna coming up to Elsa with that snake in the grass, Prince Hans in tow and declared that she wanted to marry him after meeting him that same day! This altercation led to Elsa running away after having an ugly outburst of her futa powers and thus, the Eternal Winter ensued.
frozen futa crystal blowjob While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Anna is starting a new year at Disney Highschool without her older sister, Elsa, by her side. What follows is an adventure filled with smut, sin and shenanigans.
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