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She said I felt him scoot the seat back giving me more room. She said I sucked his dick for about another 10 minutes then I felt his dick start to stiffen more and I knew what was about to happen. The next thing I knew his cum was piperblush com the back of my throat and filling my mouth. She said I swallowed every drop even made sure to suck it clean.

She said I then tucked it back into his underwear, zipped and buttoned his pants. She said I even fastened his belt.

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cum I felt him stroke my head and then he said, you are amazing and you are mine now. Beth said as I raised up out of his lap, I saw Sara standing at the window holding her phone. She had recorded the entire thing. Mike had rolled the window down at the same time she had scooted the seat wife and I had never noticed.

Sara said looks like you two hit it off even better than I expected, with a huge smile on her face. Beth said, Tumblr was like what the hell Sara? When I first met black african nude girl young wife she was a shy innocent school teacher. She had only ever been with one man before me and she said he had a tiny dick.

I remember how tight her pussy was and how much work it took to get my dock inside her. She was very reserved and would only have sex missionary style and and always made me wear condoms.

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She would give blow jobs but never let me cum in her mouth or anywhere on her body. She never denied me sex but would never allow cum to touch any part of her body. We quickly got engaged and was married just 6 months after meeting. In an attempt to be romantic we decide to stay apart and go without contact the week before we were married. I also insisted that she have a bachelorette party with her friends which were also teachers. This week apart would ultimately be my tumblr and her path to becoming another mans property.

The following accounts of that week, I have just recently learned from my wife. Beth told me that nothing happened the first two nights, but that she was extremely horny and lonely not being able to see or talk to me. She said she was starting to regret our agreement, but thought her bachelorette party on Wednesday sexhamster might keep her occupied.

Wednesday rolled around and her closest friend Sara came by to help her get ready. Wife said she felt very slutty and uncomfortable leaving the house in a miniskirt but her friend insisted to let loose and have fun, that soon she would have a ball and chain and be stuck as a house wife.

Her friends openly disapproved of her marring me and always said she needed to date other men before settling down and that I was too old for her anyways.

Her friends insisted she go and she finally gave into the xxx shreya ghoshal pressure, but she said she felt very cum as he led her to the dance floor.

The night continued and Beth continued to drink. She said as she became drunker she felt less guilty dancing with Mike and he got bolder at holding her close and fondling her ass. But she admits she had no desire or thought of going home with him.

It was close to time to leave when Mike asked her for one last dance. Beth said she tried to refuse but Sara insisted so she gave in one last time. When they came back to the table there was a note on a napkin from Sara. Tumblr is a good friend he will take care of you, besides this is your last night to have fun.

Beth said she began to panic and wanted to call someone to come get her, but none of her family would approve of her drunken state. So Mike offer his place, said he had a carol foxwell room. Beth said she new better but feeling she had no cum option she reluctantly and nervously agreed, besides her friend Sara had vouched for him.

Sara had actually set her up and asked Mike to seduce Beth in hopes of stopping the wife. Beth told me amateur teen girls nude Mike was a complete gentleman helping her to the car and opening the door and all the other good stuff.

She said felt she owed it to him for taking care of her, but would stop his hand before he would contact her pussy. She said she knew it was wrong but she could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter by the moment. Beth said she went straight to the bathroom to pee and get ready tumblr bed.

She decided to sleep in her panties and shirt, she was Ina guest room and could shut and lock the door right. That was her drunkened reasonings anyways. When Beth came out of the bathroom she saw Mike right away. She said she was stunned and had expected him to be in his own bedroom. She said she was even farther sunned to wife him sitting on the bed naked slowly stroking his hard dick.

She said her first instinct was to run but realized the bedroom door was shut and the lights were off. She said she just stood frozen in her lacy see through panties. Mike broke the silence by saying look what you have done cum me, nodding toward his hard dick. She said she was amazed at how handsome and sexy his body was, tumblr the light seemed to gleaner on his muscles. Spun on ice and must get several hung black mens cocks stuffed inside all my holes and forced to pleasure their black monster cocks as a sex slave and gangbang sissy faggot till they all cum in my faggot mouth and forever me to swallow all off their loads before getting gangbanged by deferral more hung mandingo black cocks in a public bathroom while being video taped and humiliated as they call me a gay black owned white boi prostitute!!

Posts Likes Following Submit a post Archive. A favourite humiliation caption. Wife latest Tweets from NaughtyLatinaHubby Cum : "A few weeks ago, my wife spontaneously confessed to me that every time she sees her boyfriend, she drops to her knees and worships his cock just like this for at least 20 minutes. She also confessed that she daydreams about his cock most day.

Come follow our migration to Twitter. Life as a Cuckold. As the title says, be respective. This could involve any degree of sex, which all three agree upon. Some wives prefer their husband be involved sexually and that is your choice.

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As you will see this will all become about YOUR preferences. Any of these levels can be appropriate, depending on the couple and what they prefer.

With proper techniques, a new Hot Wife can quickly learn how to get the most from her sexual encounters AND help her husband find new levels of pleasure from a more passive role than he is likely to have experienced earlier in your marriage. This takes time though, as most husbands are accustomed to being the spouse in charge. As you begin, you MUST remember one very important fact. Hot Wife is not just about sex. If you are like most women, your husband has been in control so far in your marriage.

Well, now you can change that. Hot Wife is about what YOU want. YOUR sexual pleasure. YOUR sexual control. I know it sounds strange.

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The change in you by itself will begin to arouse him. After all, you are the Hot Wife! Remember rule 1 - The goal is for YOU to be in control of the sex, not him. You do what you want; when you want; and how you want; with whom you want and have him go along with it. Got it? First, you have cum set j lo ass shot groundwork from the beginning. If you do it right, he will be totally faithful and a perfect husband to you, as he learns to get his sexual satisfaction in the lifestyle as a result of YOUR being satisfied.

He should have no say in whether or not you jack a man tumblr, or if you chose to screw the entire staff of Starbucks. He should have no say in whether you go out to another mans home, or bring a man into your bedroom. He should have no say in when it happens, or whom you choose. Once you allow him to have a say, then you let the control slip back to him. You want to be the one in control. Be firm.

Take control of your sexuality and control that aspect of your relationship for that night. That is a big part of the excitement for many couples. Share all of the details you wish. The idea that you will go to another man for your sexual fulfillment will drive him crazy with lust for you trust me!

Share everything. Depending on your relationship level, you may want to keep him abreast of your discussions with the other man, share wife of your plans, etc.

This creates a sexually charged experience for him, even before you have ANY sex at all! If you are having thoughts about calling someone to meet this weekend, tell him. Let the suspense and excitement build. Share it with him and it will excite you BOTH. When the big day arrives to meet a man, be deliberately aloof and distant from your husband the entire day. Give him some tasks to keep him busy, maybe something that helps prepare for your evening. Perhaps send him out to buy a nice bottle of wine, or tidy up around the household.


cum on my wife tumblr panty hose videos I want to apologize to all my followers for being gone so long. It was a huge adjustment learning to raise another mans baby as your own. You must realize I went from a straight male to what I am today. It was a huge tradition but I have accepted my new role. I will try and get the story of my journey updated as soon as possible. I know I have been gone for a while, but I had a lot going on in my life. To ensure I would never father a child I submitted to getting a vasectomy.
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cum on my wife tumblr beautiful young pregnant dripping cum Stop in and let us know how we should proceed. This is my new blog. I have decided to create it with purpose to attract real life hotwives or couples in the lifestyle, that are willing to share and participate as educators via this or their blogs. Although this lifestyle is spreading and evolving throughout our societies, there are quite a few questions unanswered which perhaps delay certain couples to enter such a relationship. I myself am not a practical hotwife so I cannot give proper answers to those questions, let alone advices. Please leave comments of supp