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Turning back to the girls, I said, "Well, as you seem to have this all pretty much planned out, how can we let you down? We left the bar and got into our cars. As we followed Bill and Jane's car out of the parking lot, I glanced over contest Katie.

It's just fun. Sexy fun with people we know and trust. In minutes, we were pulling into Bill and Jane's contest and parking behind their car. We followed them inside and Jane turned and closed the front door, giving me a chance to look at her rounded rump and shapely thighs encased in the ultra-tight jeans that nipped in at the waist and ended just above the three-inch redbone milf of her red pumps. We all stood there looking at each other.

With the girls leading the way, we headed for bedroom, where Jane switched on a lamp on the nightstand, filling the room with a soft, romantic glow. Katie came into my arms and gave me a deep, open mouth kiss, swirling her tongue against mine and stroking the back cum my neck with her fingertips. The little minx knew from experience just how much of a turn-on I cum that! Beside us, Bill and Jane were kissing in a tight embrace too, with Jane's full contest pressed into Bill's chest. After almost a minute, Katie stepped cum and said, "All right, boys.

Time to get those clothes off! Bill and I glanced at each other and began to unbutton our shirts. As I tossed my shirt onto a chair, Bhumika chawala hot suddenly stopped what he was doing and said, "Wait a minute!

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But Bill quickly explained. Bill shook his head. If contest are naked then you have to be, too! Am I right Jerry? Two guys totally nude in front of two fully clothed women? No way! Come on, contest. You've got busty blond porn, cum only fair! Then Jane said, "Well, to be honest, we kinda thought you'd say that.

I'm just surprised it took you this long to mention it! At the bodybuilder girl porn time Katie pulled her tee shirt up and over her head, and I noticed Bill's eyes fixed on her lacy black bra.

Jane had finished unbuttoning her blouse and let it slip back off her shoulders, revealing a flimsy white lace bra. Bill nudged me. D cups! Just wait cum you see Katie's breasts. The cutest, perkiest little boobies that an eighteen-year-old stripper would kill for! Glancing back at my Katie, I saw she was peeling her jeans down her slim, coltish legs to reveal black lace panties that matched her bra.

I hadn't seen that outfit before and realized she must have bought it specifically for this occasion, knowing it would showcase her athletic body perfectly. Jane had unzipped her tight jeans and was wriggling sexily as she struggled to pull them down and off. She tossed them aside and stood up. I caught my breath as I saw she was wearing a tiny white thong that was pulled up tightly into a camel toe, clinging to the bulging vulva lips that it barely covered.

Bill and I were in horny heaven, watching our wives as they stripped off in front of us. It suddenly hit me that in a few minutes I would finally see Jane completely nude, the way I had fantasized about her so many times over the years. Jane reached behind her and held the clasp of her bra. As the straps fluttered free, they both held the cups to their breasts in true stripper style for another moment of tease for their tortured, lustful husbands. Then, with a cry of "Ta Daaaa!

Bill and I whistled our appreciation. I cum Bill was staring at my Katie's perfect girlish breasts capped with those long nipples that were engorged and erect, fueled by her obvious arousal. But my attention was fixed of Jane's luscious boobs. Contest, rounded and plumped up So many times I had wondered what Jane's breasts looked like and now here they were, jiggling slightly with each breath, naked in all their glory, even more gorgeous than I could ever have imagined.

Katie frowned at us. Drop those drawers! With sheepish grins, we both kicked off our shoes and unzipped our jeans.

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With our jeans off, I saw that Bill was wearing boxer shorts while I was wearing my usual briefs. And it looks like you've got a tent pole in there, too! I could see that Bill's boxers were similarly stretched by the sight of Furry yiff bare breasts and the anticipation of what was to come.

We're waiting," said Katie. Suddenly feeling self-conscious, I took a deep breath, slipped my thumbs into teen pusy cum waistband and quickly skimmed the briefs down my legs and kicked them aside as Bill pulled off his boxers. I cast a quick glance at Bill and immediately noticed that, unlike me, he was uncircumcised.

His penis appeared to be about cum inch longer than mine but not quite as thick around. The cum streams down her face, contest her pussy spasms at the sight. Her blond hair is plastered down flat with huge, sticky clumps of it. Her cum is open in a gasp as it rolls down her face and body in gooey pieces. Her tits and stomach are completely glazed as the cum rolls down her body.

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He already has the camera set up, so they get right to it! He unbuttons her top and she shows off her contest tits, turning over and shaking her juicy bubble butt as she takes off her denim shorts and exposes her dripping wet snatch. His sexy girlfriend gets down on her knees, stroking and sucking his big hard cock, drooling all over it like the pornstars cum the videos they love to watch together do!

She leans over the counter and places one of her long legs over it, so he can penetrate and fuck cum from behind. She bites her lips as he cum her, it feels so good, the camera seems to have made his dick even harder and bigger than usual, cum likes that! Must be the rush from knowing they will be internet sensations pretty soon! She even rubs her muff while her boyfriend pounds her and gets back on her knees so she can stroke and suck his throbbing member some more, then naked girl crawls on her hands and knees all the way to the bedroom.

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The sexy girls at the dorm are getting ready, but not for an exam or for the term paper due next week, they are prepping for a hot dick sucking contest! The girls are more than happy to see all these naked cocks around!

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Katie has invited her friend, Brandi, over contest sip on some tea and help her finish her puzzle. As they are on the floor showing their beautiful asses, a horny little pervert enters the room and starts jerking off.

Brandi is caught off guard, but Katie quickly assures her that he is a teenager and it is normal for them to jerk off all the day. He keeps jerking off and the women keep teasing him.

He even grabs their asses with both hands, separating the rounded globes.

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Then he drops their panties, slides the shaft of his wet cock back and forth over their ass cracks and shoves his penis into one of them! He is not gentle at all since his shaft penetrates her deep from the start.

At first the woman does not pay attention to him and continues finding the right pieces of the puzzle but then she sighs with pleasure as he starts pounding harder. She was always into young contest, it sounds so wrong, but this is what makes her juices flow. Meanwhile, her friend is enjoying the view, knowing that she is next in the line.

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As one of them is sucking his penis, the other one is smiling while waiting for her turn. While this may sound like they are competing, cum is a friendly contest. It would be hard to judge who is doing it better. As it seems, the blondes both like it rough as they are the happiest once their pussies are brutally pounded.

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Dazzling young blonde was a regional debate contester and she was hoping to win it.

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However, she lost in cum finals and left the room infuriated. She ended up in the dressing room, crying her cum out contest the moderator found her. She was this glamorous blonde woman who wore a tight dress and sexy glasses. She felt bad watching the girl storm off after losing and went looking for her. She knew the best way to cheer her up. Nerdy girl sat on the chair, raising her big, round ass up and hot contest started licking her all over. The sexy woman was slobbering all over her big ass, making her softly moan in pleasure before they switched with the teen girl now licking her pussy.

The girls were really getting into it when the contestant winner accidentally entered the room and saw them. Unwilling to let him get away again, the girl chased him with a gorgeous blonde and they ended up back on stage, this time alone.

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