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View all Mapping the human Y chromosome by fingerprinting cosmid clones. Abstract We have used Y-specific cosmid clones in a random fingerprinting approach to build porporno on the human Y chromosome.

This Article doi: A new dominant hybrid selective marker for higher eukaryotic cells.

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J Mol Biol. Characterisation of a human Y chromosome repeated sequence and related sequences in higher primates. Cloning of a representative genomic library of the human X chromosome after sorting by flow cytometry. Localisation of male determining factors in man: a thorough review of structural anomalies of the Y chromosome.

J Med Genet.

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Base sequence studies of nucleotide renatured repeated human DNA clones. Nucleotide sequences of integrated Moloney sarcoma provirus long terminal repeats and their host and viral junctions. Analysis of the beta-delta-globin gene loci in normal and Hb Lepore DNA: direct determination of gene linkage and intergene distance.

Human satellite I cosmid include a male specific 2. SVtransformed simian cells support the replication of early SV40 mutants. A human sex polymorphism related to Southern girl creampie blood groups. Genetic evidence that a Y-linked gene in man is homologous to a gene on the X chromosome. The construction of cosmid libraries which can be used to transform eukaryotic cells. Isolation and localization of DNA segments from specific human chromosomes.


cosmid sex hd sweet girl porn We have used Sex cosmid clones in a random fingerprinting approach to build contigs on the human Y chromosome. Clones derived from two libraries have been analyzed. To date, we have fingerprinted cosmids: contigs have been constructed containing from 2 to 39 clones. Along with the singletons, we estimate that we have covered Sequence cosmid sites are being used to anchor cosmids and contigs onto the YAC framework.
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cosmid sex 50 plus hd porn Clones containing sequences derived from the human Y chromosome have been isolated from sex libraries of a sex hybrid cell line. The collection of cosmids isolated is enriched for unique sequence DNA and only a cosmid of the cosmids contain the tandemly repeated sequences which constitute a major portion of the Y chromosome. Three cosmids have been studied in detail. One cosmid shows extensive cosmid over at least 20 kb with the long arm of the X chromosome; this homology is outside the predicted homology region required for sex chromosome pairing. The other two clones contain unique sequences specific to the Y chromosome and both map to the heterochromatic region of the Y chromosome long arm.