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Asked in Clothing How old do you have to be according to wear a thong? There is no defined age to wearing a thong. It all depends on what a particular person and his or her parents choose to buy for underwear.

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The Bible does not talk about the type of underwear men or women should use. Asked in Men's Health, Clothing Is it ok for men to wear mens thong underwear? It isn't illegal, but for some men, it should be! Asked in Health, Clothing What size pants does brooke hogan wear? The only time it would be wrong is if anyone knew what type of underwear you have on. Underwear should be your 'secret' and because of that, there is no wrong time. Asked in Clothing What type of underwear should at 13 year old boy wear with skinny jeans i think a thong what do u think bc all other underwear bunch up?

The type of underwear that a year old boy should wear with skinny jeans is a thong because it won't show up. Asked in Men's Clothing Do guys wear thong underwear?

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Yes, every Friday. Go through a male friend's underwear closet on a Friday night to see it missing.

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Asked in Volleyball What type of underwear should you wear with spandex? If you are male, you probably don't need to wear underwear and spandex at the same time; just wear spandex shorts. If you are female, you can wear a thong, particularly if you need to have a panty liner or tampon in. It's a man-thong. Christina Aguilera has nee photographed in a thong several times. However, on Chelsea Lately, she said she no longer wears underwear at all.

Asked in Clothing Do girls wear underwear under there spandex? Of course.

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Even if it's just a thong! It's disgusting if we don't! What kind of underwear should you wear with jeans if you want to be a girl? Since you need to hide your genitals you should wear tight underwear, a thong or a g-string as previously suggested will give you no end of trouble. Input your name. Input your email.

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Input your phone number. Enter scoop message here. Sometimes things go wrong at the beach! So check out these celebrity bikini booty mishaps….

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The bigscreen bombshell also wears a high riding bikini bottom. Nicollette Sheridan has no fear when it comes to thong bikinis!

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TheHousewife has a Desperately toned tush, and loves to show it off in skimpybikini fashions. The ex Housewife has a Desperately toned tush, and loves to show it off in skimpy bikini fashions. Shauna Sand bares her booty in thong bikinis. Brooke Hogan shows off as much skin as she can in a skimpy thong bikini.


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